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Epoxy Flooring
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Are you looking to transform your room, company or even your garage into something blissful with an exaggerated feel of class? Well, we got you covered with the ultimate epoxy flooring service right at your doorsteps. Call or contact us immediately and experience the true meaning of beauty.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy flooring has one of the most flaunting and glamorous designs when it comes to epoxy flooring. Most people spend their entire lives not knowing what Metallic epoxy flooring is or that even exists until they come across it online or somewhere in a restaurant or hotel. A metallic epoxy floor covering is essentially a yellowing epoxy and a metallic shade blended inside. As such, modest, nearly sparkle like colors are blended into an epoxy pitch and after that poured onto the floor or substrate.

Commercial Epoxy

With the high requirement of a commercial flooring system due to quite high traffic levels, continuous and vigorous cleaning, accidents and spills, a good flooring system is thus needed to ensure safety as well as beauty. Commercial Epoxy flooring is economical and highly effective that can tolerate highly demanding environments.

Industrial Epoxy

Do you operate a high-level traffic environment or prime activity level? Then you should consider the Epoxy flooring as it is suited for a work environment that sustains constant pressure and a repeated level of use. Industrial processes generally have major swift negative impacts on the ground bearing upon which they operate. From chemical spills, oil stains or other stains, accidents that may occur in the workspace to maintenance resources needed to achieve necessary committed standards, it is necessary to rely on a floor coating that immediately relieves you of so many troubles and unnecessary spending.

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Epoxy Flake Flooring

The Epoxy flake flooring has one of the most resistant patterns in flooring and this makes it entirely suitable for use in high workload areas such as garages, roads, walkways, etc. it is usually applied over concrete and may be an indoor or outdoor flooring system.

Epoxy Basement

Epoxy Basement Flooring

The basement is often the room neglected most in the house. However, when it comes to basements, you never know when they come in handy. They can be easily transformed into a workspace, office environment or laundry room and this is made perfect by using the right epoxy flooring for your basement to give it a familiar and authentic feel.

Epoxy Concrete Repair

Concrete cracks and damages are a result of different factors ranging from heavy load conditions to external factors. Cracks can, however, be easily repaired depending in width and depth of the crack with Epoxy flooring injection thus sealing and restoring strength to the concrete flooring, improving its aesthetic value and saving cost.

Epoxy flooring for restaurants

If there is any quality that epoxy flooring is known for, it easy cost of maintenance and cleaning. This is because the epoxy material is resistant to oil and water. Any oil spills or chemical spills can thus be easily cleaned. It also provides good aesthetical value to the restaurants.

Why Epoxy?

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Epoxy flooring is growing in popularity.

Epoxy is a term commonly used to represent a class of materials based on a combination of Resin and hardened materials. Epoxy has grown diversely in popularity over the years, used in almost every sector of the economy and housing from walkways to food industries. This is mostly because of its many advantages as a flooring material such as strength, durability and fine luster.

Why choose us?

Generally, we are not just a flooring company, but a group of people who are after the advancement of beauty in the environment. There is thus the emphasis on the quality of the job done so you shouldn’t be disappointed if we surpass your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does epoxy contain and how does it work?

Epoxy is a term that is come to speak to a class of materials and the demonstration of utilizing those materials. Epoxy “frameworks” depend on a mix of pitches and hardeners. At the point when combined, the resin and hardener synthetically respond to frame an inflexible plastic material. The last material is solid, tough, safe, and bonds very well to most base layers. Epoxy floors are strong to the point that they’re regularly utilized in substantial rush hour gridlock zones, for example, mechanical conditions, medical clinics, or sports offices.

How long does an Epoxy system last?

Well, the Epoxy floor is known for just this. Their tough makeup makes them one of the top choices when it pertains to durability and strength. Thus with proper maintenance, they can last for years on. But however, depending on maintenance culture, load barrier and general traffic they have the ability to last from 2-3 years on. Re-coating might be done subsequently if damages occur. It must be said that epoxy is always the first choice when you are searching for durability.

how do I maintain it?

An everyday schedule of sweeping and cleaning will enable your floor to hold its appearance just as ideal execution. In light of the completion of these cleaned floors, you’ll need to utilize a residue mop to avoid harm. A week by week cleaning is sufficient to keep your floor in immaculate condition, don’t get sluggish on this one. Small bits of flotsam and jetsam will, in the long run, develop and scratch the deck. Continuously utilize the best possible chemical for your epoxy floor. By and large, you’ll blend your gentle, nonpartisan chemical, with the suggested proportion of boiling water, mop the floor, and leave sitting for around 5 minutes. Before the arrangement dries, mop it up with clear water, and dry with a dry mop or expansive towel to forestall streaks

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a term commonly used to represent a class of materials based on a combination of Resin and hardened materials. Epoxy has grown diversely in popularity over the years, used in almost every sector of the economy and housing from walkways to food industries. This is mostly because of its many advantages as a flooring material such as strength, durability and fine luster.

What are the benefits of Epoxy flooring?

• The Epoxy floor coating is not a rigid one and can be customized in a variety of ways to fit consumer needs as it is relatively easy and simple to install
• It is resistant to moisture and oils as well as dust. It is thus very easy to maintain and keep clean 
• Epoxy flooring will help economize your financial value that would otherwise have gone to cost of repairs and cleaning and will pose generally fewer floor associated problems.
• They are also useful in industries as they do not harbor bacteria, dust or other contaminant and are thus generally safe in terms of purity.
• When coated with Epoxy the durability of concrete immediately increases the combined durability and makes it stronger thus lasting for longer periods

how does epoxy flooring installed?

Epoxy floors usually epoxy covering wherein two segments are joined to complete the floor. One is the resin and the other the polyamine hardener. It should process together for a long time before applying to the floor. 
The blend will be utilized for a given timeframe. Epoxy covering isn’t connected to the floor naturally in the wake of blending the parts. You wait for it to dry. By at that point, you can think of a very sturdy floor surface that can withstand the trial of time.

What are the epoxy floor coating costs?

Epoxy flooring costs extend somewhere in the range of $2 and $10 per square foot. EPOXY FLOORING COST FACTORS The epoxy flooring costs above can appear to be overwhelming, however, luckily, there are approaches to diminish your epoxy sap flooring costs: Epoxy Type, size of Project, Epoxy Color, Necessary Repairs, DIY or Hire a Pro