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Do you want a smooth, shiny and durable floor that is resistant to normal wear and tear for your beautiful house? Are you looking for an affordable and effective solution to your problem? Epoxy Coating is the process of applying a layer of a protective coating over a rough and cracked surface to even it out and make it durable and smooth. Our epoxy flooring solution in LA helps you say goodbye to the uneven surface and offers you the strength and durability you would like floors and walls to have.

Benefits of Epoxy Coatings


It makes the floor look shiny and beautiful. An array of beautiful designs and colors are offered besides protection.


Epoxy makes the floor durable, protecting it from normal wear and tear in the long run.

Low maintenance

The epoxy coating makes cleaning the floor extremely easy as it requires a very light sweeping

Some of Our Epoxy Flooring solutions.

Concrete Driveway Epoxy Coatings

Emissions of gas and oil spills from the car can make your driveway look dusty and moist, ruining the look of it. Prevent your driveway from looking like it has aged and your cars from skidding with epoxy concrete driveway coatings. The epoxy allows your driveway to look brand new with its sheer strength and anti-microbial properties. It also has features such as fire and slips resistance which makes it a good choice for your driveway, giving it a sharp and metallic look. Epoxy, thus, is beautiful, low maintenance and a must have for everyone in LA.

Garage Concrete Epoxy Floor Coatings

Your garage takes care of your automobiles. Don’t you think you should take care of your garage? The dust and oil spills from your car can ruin your garage and may want to let you make your visitors wait outside to avoid embarrassment. However, with epoxy garage concrete floor coatings, the tension of your pale garage won’t trouble you anymore. Available in various sizes and colors, epoxy provides you with the one-stop solution from dust and debris and can last up to 20 years, leaving your home seamless and easy to clean. The busy LA can use this to the best of its advantage.

Concrete Patio and Walkway Coatings

Have a party in a few days and your patio refuses to look nice? The epoxy coating covers your walkways and patios as well. The high-traffic areas of your house are more prone to dust and damage than the less traversed ones. Epoxy offers resistance to gas, water, glass, grease, oil, salt, dust, and blisters, leaving your patios and walkways extremely clean and party-ready. A little water and soap provide an easy clean facility for epoxy coatings. For those who do not have much time to look after their houses owing to their busy schedules, Epoxy provides the ultimate invisible housekeeper.

Basement Floor Coatings

Basement floors often get moist and damp making them look absolutely hideous. No matter how much you try, moisture manages to seep in, ruining the look and feel of your basement. Instead of opting for tile and lamination, opt for epoxy flooring and you won’t regret it. With its moisture, dust, and gas resistant properties, it reduces the mildew problems of your basement. Thus, you have a brighter, cleaner and healthier basement which is also extremely beautiful at affordable rates, making epoxy flooring a sustainable and viable economic opportunity.

Industries mean not just factories but offices, schools, hospitals and so much more. Who would wanna get operated or study or work in a place that makes you drowsy and morose? Epoxy restores the lives of your floors and walls of places such as these. Normal flooring and paints can’t take spills, harsh chemicals, corrosive liquids, heavy loads, etc., but your epoxy flooring can. The goals that you have been striving for beauty, durable and sustainable; and epoxy has been designed keeping in mind the importance of these goals in an industrial environment.

Epoxy Coating Costs

Though very cost-effective, the price of concrete coatings depends on a plethora of factors. The area size, number of colors and amount of customizations are three primary factors. The location of the place also plays a role as if it is beyond the serviceable area, costs increase. However, on the whole, epoxy is feasible and extremely worthwhile.

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