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Ever wondered why the floor of malls or showroom looks so vibrant and shiny and ended up wanting the same for your place too? If yes, then metallic epoxy flooring is the best solution for you. We offer professional metallic epoxy flooring services customized according to your requirements. The system uses resins mixed with tiny metal pigments to give a glittery yet tough finish. It is simple and low yellowing epoxy and reflects light at different angles. The shining and sparkling finish that it renders makes it one of the best choices for showrooms, restaurants and other fancy places. It looks vibrant, extremely professional and the coating is also resistant to a number of damaging factors, which results in its durability.

Benefits Of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The benefit of metallic epoxy flooring is that it looks extremely good and can be customized with different hue and shades. Because of the metallic pigments, it is infused with, it reflects light at different angles and provides a brighter view. The luxurious floor coating is resistant to scratches, cracks, peeling and chipping and it is non-slippery. It can even resist slipping when wet. This type of epoxy coating can be used for a number of industrial, commercial and residential purposes. To add to the advantage of this epoxy, it is extremely simple to clean and maintain.

How is metallic epoxy applied?

The metallic epoxy flooring offers a creative and unique approach to installing. It is a mixture of resins, hardeners, and metallic pigments, mixed together to form a protective layer of coating. In order to install, the first step is to clean and patch the floor properly. The mixture should be calculated correctly so that it covers the entire area. Once done with cleaning, the metallic epoxy is applied with a minimum of two layers.

How To Maintain Metallic Epoxy?

A floor that is neat, dry and tidy is extremely appreciating and in order to maintain the neatness of it, one requires to look after it with care. The best way to clean maintain metallic epoxy is mopping. It would require floor cleaning products like floor spray or ammonia mixed in hot water. One can also use a simple green solution and nylon brush in the cleaning process to provide extra shine.

How is metallic epoxy applied?

Metallic epoxy, just like any other form of epoxy flooring is a special type of multi-layer coating system, which uses metallic additive into the mixture of an epoxy coating in order to create vibrant and gleam effects. The metallic powder that is used in the mixture moves constantly through the epoxy mixture and forms opalescent design. Because of the continuous motion of the metallic pigments, it creates a unique and truly beautiful floor effect that reflects light is all angles. The metallic epoxy coating can also use different colors and shaded designs and can also be customized with fine color tones.

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